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Social capital

G4-SO1 OG13
Summary of year 2017


We conduct our business in accordance with ethical standards, respecting the natural environment and society’s needs, trying to ensure that the business proceeds in a sustainable manner and in compliance with the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We are guided by our core values, which are purity, openness, innovation and responsibility.

In accordance with our values, we are particularly involved in such areas as environmental protection and ecology, road safety, equalizing social opportunities and supporting education and development of children and young people. In 2017, these issues were the priority for our pro-social and pro-environmental activities. We work with recognized and verified social partners in each of these areas.

For years we have been supporting and applying good practices, principles and postulates to our activity in the field of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development formulated by both Polish and global organizations and public administration bodies.

More about our approach to social responsibility HERE

Our activities in the field of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development are reported in the Integrated Annual Report of the LOTOS Group, prepared in accordance with the international guidelines for reporting on sustainable development – Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). In 2017 we published the report regarding the previous year. While working on the report, we conducted numerous consultations with key groups of internal and external stakeholders of our Group.


Activities for our social environment

In the assessment of our social impact and planning of socially responsible activities, a special role is played by local communities in which the LOTOS Group companies operate. We want to be a good, caring and committed neighbour for them, which is why we listen carefully to their needs and try to respond to these needs through a variety of activities, both ad hoc, one-off and long-term programs, as well as implementing appropriate policies or procedures.

We focus our efforts on those areas of life that both affect members of our communities and are important for the company’s operations. We want to make a real contribution to social development, including in a visible way to support education and contribute to the improvement of the quality of life in communities in our neighborhood.


A nice neighbourhood

For 12 years, we have been implementing the „Good Neighbour” Program, taking measures to equalize social differences and counteract social exclusion, especially children and young people.
As a part of the program, we cooperate with non-governmental organizations. Various activities include: support for family fairs and sports events, co-financing summer and winter trips for children, supporting educational activities in the field of ecology and road safety, supporting schools, for example, by purchasing teaching equipment.


Supporting the neighbours

In 2017, LOTOS was one of the first companies that answered the call for help of the citizens that suffered losses in result of a devastating storm that passed through the Pomerania. The employees of the whole corporate group actively participated in the collection of school starter kits for the children from the affected cities. LOTOS Foundation also supported the action. The management board of LOTOS Paliwa to put 40 thousand liters of fuel at the disposal of local authorities free of charge.

Equalizing opportunities and counteracting social exclusion

Thanks to the program “Football future with LOTOS”, carried out along with LG Football Academy and football clubs of Pomerania, the kids have the equal chances of physical development and realization of their sport passions via fair play football. The program is not focused on finding talents among the youngest, but it involves a wide group of children and young people who want to play football at an amateur level. Within the program there are already 14 out-of-town centers in the form of partner clubs and the LG Football Academy, which are also the operator and beneficiary of the program.

Support for local social initiatives

LOTOS Asfalt together with LOTOS Infrastruktura support cultural events important for the Jasło region, social campaigns and cultural institutions, such as the Municipal Cultural Center, Youth Culture Center, Jasło Cultural Center and the Municipal Public Library.


Family Picnic in Oświęcim

LOTOS Oil took part in the Family Picnic in Oświęcim, organized by NSZZ Solidarność of Podbeskidzie Region because of the 37th anniversary of the creation of the „Solidarity” movement. During the picnic, the company presented its activities in the field of corporate social responsibility, shared values, actions protecting life and health through the application of health and safety regulations.


Our activities are related to issues conditioned by the competences of our company. One of them is our exceptional qualifications in the field of road safety.

Safety Belt Champions

In 2017 we organized the fourth edition of program “LOTOS – Safety Belt Champions”, which main goal is raising the public awareness on safety of drivers and passengers during travels. The campaign’s experts once again travelled across Poland, teaching children and their adult guardians how appropriately fasten and position child seats in the car.

Program “LOTOS – Safety Belt Champions” in numbers:

  • 14,5 thousands of participants
  • 1320 individual trainings on fastening the seatbelts
  • 401 individual trainings on how to properly assemble child seats
  • 14 cities visited
  • 501 publications on the project in the media

Learning to be safe

LOTOS Foundation for the second time supported the “Learning to be safe” project, organized by Regional Police Headquarters in Gdańsk. 6,000 first grade pupils of elementary schools in the Pomeranian Voivodeship took part in the educational program promoting the safe behavior of children.

The broadly understood safety, which also includes concern for the health of our employees, is one of the objectives of the company’s strategy for 2017-2022. „Stabilization and safe development”.
By creating the culture of security in our organization, we care about constant improvement of standards.

More about health and safety work culture in LOTOS HERE

We focus on safety at work

LOTOS Asfalt conducts an information campaign „Safety at work with bitumen products”, aimed at protecting customers and employees from health risks and accidents. In 2017, LOTOS Asfalt also carried out an information campaign „Safe sampling of bituminous binders”, in which newsletter subscribers received information on safe sampling, and trained 94 drivers in the field of occupational health and safety and moving around the LOTOS refinery site, of which 78 drivers were trained in the field of operating devices for filling and emptying road tank tanks with class 9 dangerous materials, according to ADR.

Cooperation with SGSP

LOTOS Straż, along with Grupa LOTOS S.A., signed a memorandum on cooperation with the Main School of Fire Service (SGSP) in Warsaw. Cooperation assumes, among others, initiating and conducting joint didactic, research and development projects, cooperation in the field of didactics, mainly in providing assistance in preparing the diploma theses of SGSP students, conducting traineeships for them, carrying out joint ventures, including: exercises, workshops and conferences and scientific symposia.
In addition, LOTOS Straż employees visit schools and kindergartens, where they popularize fire protection. The company accepts trips of students of the firefighting and emergency medical services and familiarizes them with the rules of operation of the fire brigade at the refinery. The employees of the company also took part in the event on the occasion of the Children’s Day organized by LOTOS Kolej, where they presented the skills of a rescue dog and a fire engine.


We carry out our sponsoring activities primarily in the regions where the headquarters and the LOTOS Group companies operate, as well as in places where we carry out our business, including LOTOS and LOTOS Optima petrol stations. All our sponsoring activities put the needs of our stakeholders first and in their communication we focus on development, motivation and passion.

We respect the regulations included in the Culture Sponsorship Code, which was initiated by the National Center for Culture, PKPP Lewiatan and the Warsaw Stock Exchange.
Based on this code, we act in accordance with the principles of balance, transparency, accessibility and development, in accordance with the strategy of social responsibility adopted by us.

In 2017, we focused on sponsoring activities in three key areas:

  • sports sponsorships – 24 projects,
  • culture sponsorships – 18 projects,
  • social and ecological sponsorships – 11 projects.

Sports sponsorships

Our sponsorship support applies to both sports activities of a professional and amateur nature. From the world’s most important sport events to local sport and social initiatives. In 2017, as part of sport sponsorship, we implemented 24 projects in the following areas:

Strategic and high impact projects

These are projects with the largest, nationwide reach, national and representational, invaluable for brand promotion.
As a part of our strategic projects, we sponsor the Polish National Football Team (Polish Football Association), the Polish National Team in ski jumping and cross-country skiing (Polish Ski Association), tennis player Agnieszka Radwańska and the largest Polish cycling event (Tour de Pologne). Last year, we were also the sponsor of the Polish National Winter Expedition on K2.

Car rallies

In 2017, we continued sponsorship activities for motorsports. Competitors of the LOTOS Rally Team, Kajetan Kajetanowicz and Jarosław Baran, won the European Champion title in the European Rally Championship (ERC) for the third time.

Tactical nationwide and regional projects

In 2017 we supported, among others, Year of Kazimierz Deyna, Summer Stadium and beachball, Summer Polonia Games and Solidarity Marathon. We were also sponsors of speedway events, including Individual International Ekstraliga Championships, Polish Club Pairs Championships and the Team Final of the European Junior Speedway Championships. Last year, we completed a long-term cooperation with the volleyball team LOTOS Trefl Gdańsk.   

Education of children and young people

For years we’ve been involved in sponsoring social-sport events, addressed to children and teenagers. We support, among other, a football program “Football Future with LOTOS” and winter sports – „Szukamy następców mistrza” [“Searching for the next Champion”].

We set a good example

In ​14 centers, which were established by LOTOS in years 2012-2015 in cooperation with local football clubs in Pomerania, we are implementing the „Football Future with LOTOS” program. As a part of the LOTOS program and the Football Academy, LG is training about 3.5 thousand players, both girls and boys.
Twelve-year-old children training in all centers operating under the program competed in the LOTOS Junior Cup 2017 football tournament. The winning players had the opportunity to watch the match Poland – Kazakhstan, played as part of the World Cup qualification 2018.

LOTOS for culture and art

By engaging in the support of projects in the field of culture and art, we take into account their social dimension, long-term nature, as well as the importance for the promotion of the regions in which our companies operate.

In 2017, a total of 18 projects sponsoring culture and art were carried out at Grupa LOTOS S.A. and its subsidiaries.
We’ve cooperated on such projects as Freedom Jazz Festival, Polish Radio Theater Festival and Polish Television Theater „Two Theaters”, Siesta Festival, Summer Theater – Sopot 2017, Cultural Stage, Ladies Jazz Festival, „Gintrowski – yet something will remain after us”, Lithuanian Week or Hungarian Week.

In the southern region, we sponsored such events as the LOTOS Jazz Festival, Jasło Days, Czechowice-Dziedzice Days, Autumn Meetings with the Theater, International Carpathian Folk Festival, Summer with Culture of the Jasło Poviat and Memorial of Major Henryk „Hubal” Dobrzański.

Meetings with the theater

LOTOS Asfalt supported the IX Autumn Meetings with the Theater organized by the Cultural Centre in Jasło. In last year’s edition of the event enabling the inhabitants of Podkarpacie, 3,000 participants, not only from Jasło and the surrounding area but even from the neighboring Małopolska province, took part in the meeting with the members of leading Polish theaters.

International Festival of Folklore

LOTOS Asfalt supported the 14th International Festival of Carpathian Folklore organized by the Municipal Cultural Center in Jasło, which aim is to save and sustain disappearing folk traditions, including handcrafts, folk art, costumes and music. As a part of the event performed folk bands from Poland, Ukraine, Slovakia, Romania and the Czech Republic as well as many exhibitions and fairs of folk art took place.


From 2015, LOTOS Foundation is responsible for managing the LOTOS Group’s charity policy, whose mission is comprehensive social activity, making a positive contribution to the development of the social and natural environment.

The Foundation’s activities are aimed at supporting initiatives leading to the development of infrastructure and benefiting local communities, especially in the regions in which our companies operate. In accordance with the assumptions of our Social Responsibility Strategy, the key areas of the Foundation’s involvement are ecology and environmental protection, road safety and equalizing social differences (especially children and young people), among others through investments in science, education and education.

In 2017 the Foundation supported activities for the total amount of PLN 2,473,356.

Safety 2 120 000
Charity and community involvement 24 714 750
Culture and art 18 439 000
Science and education   21 634 700
Protection and promotion of health 27 396 986
Upholding the tradition 7 120 920
Sport 5 47 000
104 2 473 356


Safety is an absolute and undisputed priority of the LOTOS Group. It applies to both our employees, employees of subcontractors working for our company, our clients, as well as the natural environment and people living in the vicinity of places where we conduct our business.

For many years, we have been using the best practices on the market to minimize the potential risk of a threat. At each stage of the creation and use of our products, we assess their impact on human health and safety.

We care about maintaining the integrity of our technical procedure. We carry out research on zero materials and devices, maintain traffic based on predictive and preventive actions, run a program of inspections and surveillance tests, Non Destructive Testing program – tests of apparatus and pipeline wall thickness, Risk Based Inspection (RBI) program and cyclical repairs technological installations.

We create annual plans for preventive device inspections, conduct corrosion monitoring, functional tests of security systems and technological blockades. We manage the criticality of devices in terms of response time, as well as the resources of spare parts and the scope of preventive examinations.

In 2017, we completed an Overhaul Shutdown of all technological installations at the refinery in Gdansk. During the shutdown, we made all necessary inspections and checks of the equipment technical condition, as well as all repairs and overhauls of the refinery equipment.

We place great emphasis on increasing the awareness of our employees in the area of ​​safety and safe work culture, both through training and communication activities.

Thanks to our prophylactic activities, carried out on many levels, accidents in our facilities are extremely rare.
In 2017, four events related to process safety were registered: one serious violation classified as Tier 1, which occurred in the area of energy utilities and three less serious events, classified as Tier 2, concerning the area of ​​crude oil.

We strive to promote work safety also among other entities operating in Pomerania.
Since 2016, we have been organizing the Pomeranian Forum of Safety Leaders, aimed at building a high level of safe work culture in Pomeranian institutions of various industries and disseminating global standards in this field.

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