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Significance matrix

About the report


Economic aspects
Environmental aspects
Social aspects


Very significant
Financial results obtained in 2017 by the LOTOS Group

The scope of the LOTOS Group’s involvement in initiatives supporting the economic development of the country

Impact of the LOTOS Group’s presence on the local labour market

Impact of the supply chain of the LOTOS Group on the environment

Quantity and type of reserves and production of fuels obtained by LOTOS

Expenses allocated by the LOTOS Group to environmental protection, including expenditures on renewable energy

The content of harmful substances in fuels

Materials and raw materials used in the business

Energy consumption

Greenhouse gas emissions

Effluents and waste management

Policy for recycling products and materials

Amount of fines for non-compliance with laws and regulations regarding environmental protection

Water intake and sources of water used in the business

Environmental assessment of suppliers

Employment scale and policy

Actions for local communities

Health protection and customer safety

Training and education of employees

Practices in the field of health and safety at work

Responsible labeling of products and services

Preparation for possible population threats, including safety procedures
and resource integrity

Diversity management and equal opportunities

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